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Post by falkor » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:28 pm

There are some members who feel that the Board Index is cluttered.

Some feel it is actually confusing.

Others say that it needs cleaning up.

I have been told that there is too much information on there, just the bare basics should be present.

OK in the interests of presenting a Board Index for logged-in users who want simple, clean, uncluttered, basics only, please change to SubSilver3.

SubSilver3 comes to you exactly as it was shipped with just one addition, that addition is a chat button which brings up the chat window, nothing else.

Now some members when reading this, may come to the conclusion that a bag load of functions available to "standard members," will actually be lost to SubSilver3 viewers.

Well, if the only addition to SubSilver3 is the Chat Button, then yes, several areas available to all other users, will then be beyond reach of SubSilver3 viewers. (For example all SubSilver3 users automatically opt out of site announcements.)

To give it to you on both levels (simplicity, uncluttered, clean, basic AND most functionality) a new "SubSilver3 PAGE" is now available to LOGGED IN members, find it at

Otherwise the SubSilver3 template will remain simple, clean, uncluttered, no announcements, basics only, for those who want it that way and apparently there are a few, so fair enough!

To SubSilver2 users, your template will continue as it is, add any SubSilver2 questions you have to this ... f=6&t=6410 topic please.


Regarding the Board Index that is on display to guests. Guests cannot select a style - it is set by Administrators on this site and will generally be Supernova, Afterburner, SubSilver2 or prosilver, a style of that kind. Users who come to this site with "automatic log in" may be completely oblivious to the "Guest Style" as their computer may simply load their chosen style at launch each time. Any comments regarding the Board Index for guests needing to be simple, clean, uncluttered, basics only, will not be actioned. All the styles will remain in their current format, but members who feel that SubSilver3 offers them a better forum experience may change to that style at any time. SubSilver3 is not intended for use as a guest style at any time. It is intended to provide a simple, clean, uncluttered, basics only Board Index to those registered users who want it. Please select whichever style you want to reflect your own personal wishes and tastes.