first Greece, then Ireland, now Portugal

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first Greece, then Ireland, now Portugal

Post by falkor » Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:49 am

IN just 24 hours we see the insanity of the euro in all its glory.

Portugal busts its overdraft limit - and then the European Central Bank ups interest rates because Germany is growing like a train.

How is the Portuguese economy expected to rise from the ashes?

To top it all, George Osborne has to set aside cash to help a country that has refused to push through the kind of cuts he has made to rescue the UK.

The £6billion may never be drawn on but it's money we could well do with in our own economy.

Economically it's impossible to see how the euro can survive this without the PIGs being booted out.

At least there's one ray of hope for us. Given the euro turmoil, holidaymakers can bank on a good exchange rate when they jet off to the continent this summer ... tugal.html