YouTube Advertisement- Muay Thai Knockouts

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YouTube Advertisement- Muay Thai Knockouts

Post by MuayThaiRy »

Hey guys!

Showing you something new to the forum asked by the man himself (yes I feel honoured)

Here you can add links, obviously we don’t want random videos, if you see something prison related you could add the video so here’s an example for YouTube, enjoy these knockouts and I hope none have happened to you guys in your establishments before :slhehe:

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Re: YouTube Advertisement- Muay Thai Knockouts

Post by falkor »

thats a good one, have a look at this image pimages/mediaTag.JPG there is a little box there that brings up

Code: Select all

you can then paste a link in between the media tags which Muay has done

it should work for twitter, Instagram and all sorts, try it out :slhe:
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