Prison officer cut back

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Prison officer cut back

Post by JCOX4 »

Hi All, Hope you are staying safe.. I hear and have seen a lot of talk and comments on here along the lines of "back in the day we had x officers" and "since the officer cut backs".

My questions are:
What were the reasons for cutback (apart from cost cuts?)
Did the job get made easier/simpler?
Do you think it would happen again?

ARC 26/11/19
Offer/vetting started 17/12
Failed vetting 30/12
Appealed 16/01/20
Referred for decision 17/01
Decision overturned 25/02
Offer and vetting 17/03
Vetting passed 21/03
Covid-19 saga
Fitness resit 02/09
Start- Delayed until further notice
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Re: Prison officer cut back

Post by Knight94 »

It happened when fair and sustainBle contract was introduced and half of the number officers was lost. I’m sure someone here worked before f&s and will agree with the statement I’m about to make

Did It become easier, my personal answer is not at all I wasn’t graced to work on the old terms as I joined when the government realised that f*cked it basically. The landing are understaffed and the clientel the prisoners are changing you no longer see your career criminals who respect officer you are seeing young adults who know nothing other then violence toward each other and us. Don’t get me wrong they are all not horrible...

The inexperience has played a massive part in the unstabalizing of jails across the. Country. With the average percentage of staff with under 1 year experience now being in the high 70’s+ where as pre f&s it would have seemed to be uncommon if it was above 15%.

Will it happen again, the service from what I saw was very political so it would surprise me but there is no way the government could allow it to happen

I think this answers it all,

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Re: Prison officer cut back

Post by Thepower  »

I did a few years at a cat B local nick prior to cut backs (work force modernisation) and did several years after WFM it basically saw a drastic cut in pay for new joiners and VEDS been offered to staff across the board. It also saw the removal of Prison Officer grades etc.

At the local nick we would have 8-10 staff minimum on a 160 population wing (not including SO's) although figures maybe different to other jails as the nick was notorious for having high staff numbers although there was alot more staff in any jail compared to now. It was always the two to a landing rule (this did not include movement/cleaning officers).

The job was far better before these changes they also slashed pay and pensions of new starters whilst throwing them onto an understaffed wing but mainly because working two to a landing youd be with some experienced who could help you out and teach you the ways of the job and the support would be on going rather than a the week shadowing new starters get now.

Do I believe something along these lines would happen again? Honestly yes... the general public dont see inside prisons and this makes it a very easy target for cuts if you cut police, fire, NHS staff then there would be upraw from the general public however if you cut prison staff no one really beats an eyelid. I work for an emergency service at present and I came in to the job after the years of cuts had been in place whilst my service kept all stations fully operational they made cuts to the number of engines at stations, they introduced dual crewing etc, introduced smaller fleet vehicles at 2 pump stations which require 3 to staff instead of 5.... so each watch would've gone from 10 to 8 staff, cuts will happen across all services in the future I believe due to covid 19 etc but some places will be affected more than others.
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Re: Prison officer cut back

Post by londonlad81 »

I think the prison service lost thousands of posts since 2010, it bit the Government on the arse.
I think many businesses will downsize due to covid -19 and that many will not get a pay rise for many years to come!
Lots of companies will use this as an excuse to not give pay rises for years to come.
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Re: Prison officer cut back

Post by Bearguy »

Whatever happens, we all know the average working class Joe will be at the bottom of the pile ready to be dumped on as we always have been.
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