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Post by kat900 »

Hi, I've applied for a job as an OSG back in March, had my interviews and familiarisation day early April, everything went smooth until end of April when it quite literally just hit the wall. I haven't heard anything rather than a brief email from the establishment saying they're closing the campaign and since I've been successful my details will be passed on to sscl for vetting. Bang on, I thought then.
That was 29th April.

Then the long silence and wait.

Beginning of July a conflict arose in my current employment and one day I have been told by a manager to "get the fuck out", which I politely, without arguing at any point, did. The owner brought me back in the same day, but obviously things went a bit sour since the issue wasn't addressed at all. I thought, lemme try sscl and see how things were going, maybe I could try to find out if it was nearly done or something.
I called them and they've told me that my vetting haven't even started yet. I've idly waited for two months, not bothering anyone, getting all excited and all just to be told nothing has been processed at all.
So, I rang the prison. They tell me that the person responsible for that is on a leave but they'll sort it out. Then I called them every couple of days (as they've kept asking me to "call back in couple of days, I should have an answer then") for a month and still no news. Only beginning of this month (9th August) I've received a conditional offer and a form to fill. I gave them couple of weeks and called to ask if everything is alright.
It is, but they've also told me they've received my details 8th May, but needed authorisation or something to start and that was missing all that time. 3 months wasted.
And I imagine that I'm not the only one in this situation.
I'm patient and I'll wait but this is absurd. :slyw: :slyw:

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Re: Absurd.

Post by andylamb  »

They will say a lot of different things to give you some sort of an answer to get you off the phone.

I had failed pre employment checks and then appealed and was successful but it all took nearly 6 months and even the day before I was told I was successful sscl fobbed me off with similar stories.

So hang in there!
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