Higher Level Vetting?

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Higher Level Vetting?

Post by Ninja_Ty »

Hi, I've been going through the vetting process for about 2 and a half months now and was wondering how long it takes for them to actually complete. I remember on my MOJ login it originally said I was going under CTC checks but now it says higher-level checks and/or Health outstanding. I'm quite confused about what's going on and I also keep receiving automated emails from UKSV which apparently I am not supposed to have received.

Can someone give me a rough idea on how long the vetting process goes on for I thought it would be done by now?

Sorry if this has already been answered I couldn't find anything related to higher-level checks.

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Re: Higher Level Vetting?

Post by Hhtiek123 »

They estimate when u first start vetting 12 weeks

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