Still waiting

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Still waiting

Post by SpikeMk2 »

Hi all,
So passed my VARC back in mid February, an believed I was on the merit list awaiting allocation, also applied for another prison which mirrored over my VARC results in March which I also thought I was on the merit list for.
Beginning of April had to have a video call due to issues with ID docs which was a technical fault on my profile all sorted again believed to be on the merit list awaiting allocation.

Called recruitment end of April/May for any updates on progress and had a good talk with the advisor who informed me that I was neither on allocation or merit but still awaiting for the prison I applied to for to either put me on allocation or place me on the merit list so that just confused me further lol, Just called recruitment today for any updates but unfortunately still in the same position even though both prisons I am awaiting to have a update from have our vacancies back on the job portal?

Any help or advice would be appreciated or if someone else has/is experienced this.

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Re: Still waiting

Post by Francesca98 »


I applied in November and had my VARC in December got told I passed a week or so later...
I recently got to the next stage. Vetting and fitness etc..

It will happen unfortunately you have to be patient, I got an email very unexpectedly..

The week before however, I rung up to query about another job just to get into the setting, and he told me to mirror my applications for other near by prisons and told me that the merit list is not to be known as prisons accepted friends and family rather than doing the merit list properly so they have no say on who gets it, it’s when it’s their turn

It will happen. I was in your situation and I unexpectedly got it!

Also, the guy on the phone told me that it’s very rare that anyone doesn’t get a job within the 12 months of the waiting list, as that’s the maximum time you can wait till you have to reapply

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