Just had my application rejected.

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Just had my application rejected.

Post by Inthecrowd40 »

Hi all,

Quick question I was applying for the SPS and I filled out original application and done the online scenario and then done my congitive test/psychometric tests about a week ago and I got a message on the online account that they will not be progressing with my application at this point in time and wished me the best of luck in the future.

They also said they do not offer feedback at this stage of the recruitment process?

I am really not sure why this has happened and feel a bit empty if am honest is it possible I could have failed the congitive test? Ie the English and maths? I actually thought I had done ok.

Surely they would tell me if I had failed a test of some sort.

I currently work overseas at the moment and plan on coming home to find a career in the UK could that be the problem?

Thanks for any feedback anyone can give me.



Re: Just had my application rejected.

Post by Scotpo »

Sorry to hear that. I've recently joined. During recruitment I got invited to do situational judgement soon after my application went in. Then the invite for my psychometric and maths. I got notification next day I was progressing to next stage. Can only assume this stage hasn't went too well. I would advise you to practice these until you can reapply. I know some people on my course tried a few times before being successful so don't give up.

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Re: Just had my application rejected.

Post by MissNoName  »

Hey !
If I was you I would email them and enquire about this.
Don't let it put you down too much, if you really want a job in this field the opportunities keep popping up often enough.
As soon as one does, reapply.
I have applied for Prison officers job back in 2017, I failed my ARC and now 4 years later I've applied for the same job because I know I really want to work in this field.
Applied - 06/12/20
Passed online tests - 23/12/20
VARC - 19/02/21
Passed VARC - 22/02/21
Conditional offer - 21/03/21
Vetting started - 01/04/21
Fitness and Medical Passed - 07/04/21

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