Youth Justice Worker VARC/ Requirements

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Youth Justice Worker VARC/ Requirements

Post by Niki33 »

I had my virtual assessment last week for youth justice worker role. I really enjoyed it, I thought I did brilliantly for youth justice part, but I kept thinking all this time what I could have done better for the prison officer part. However, I got my result and I passed the prison officer, but scored only over 20% on youth justice role plays!

I was a bit shocked. I don't mind that I failed, it's not the end of the world. But if only I knew where I went wrong then I can try to do better next time. But in this case, I have absolutely no idea where I did wrong, the part I thought I didn't do too well, and part where I thought I nailed it was totally wrong :slbli: .

Is anyone here YJW by any chance, or also did the VARC who can offer some insight? I read of course what they are looking for in a YJW and I thought I would really fit into this role, but obviously they thought otherwise. Either that, or I totally misunderstood what the requirements for a YJW are.

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Re: Youth Justice Worker VARC/ Requirements

Post by Panda-coin »

My experience was fairly similar but I assume I just scraped a pass. I scored very low 30s in the youth justice section after thinking it had gone much better. I enjoyed it but started with a youth role play so was conscious that I had maybe started slowly while getting used to the strangeness of the situation. Thinking back now maybe I tried too hard to be understanding and not enough enforcement, who knows really.
I'm probably quite low down on the merit list now so will wait and see. Like you I think it will be job I'm suited to if I get there, it feels like the process is a test in itself. Good luck if you do try again.


Re: Youth Justice Worker VARC/ Requirements

Post by Guest »

Hi, I got my results for YJW back a week ago and I thought the exact same as you. That I did really well in YJ and not the best in Prison Officer hence why I was applying fir YJ. My scores came back as 65% Prison Officer and 36% YJ and I was shocked. However it’s like this, Prison Officer is marked out of 80-100 I’m not entirely sure which and YJ is out of 50. I found out when I rang up confused. The fact that they call it a percentage is strange when it isn’t. I passed anyway, I feel fit you because you must have been close to passing with 20 odd score but don’t let it get you down. Keep on top of practicing Rome plays and try again in 6 months, don’t give up! It’s only one setback.


Re: Youth Justice Worker VARC/ Requirements

Post by niki33 »

Thank you both very much for your reply. Oh wow, that actually makes me feel a lot better. I didn't realize that it only goes to 50 and pass is with 30. At least I wasn't as horrible as I thought! Cause I thought at 25% I must be really really bad and have no idea why! Thank you for that though, it does make me more hopeful for next time.

I think I will apply to work in adult prison since my Prison Officer scores are ok

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