Uniform Order

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Re: Uniform Order

Post by Chez32  »

Scotpo wrote: Wed Mar 31, 2021 8:49 pm Got my uniform order form from SPS
10 shirts
2 Trousers
5 polos
Wool jumper
Waterproofs once we start course

Do you get to order all this after vetting?

As I was only asked

Still in vetting 6 weeks in!!


Re: Uniform Order

Post by Scotpo »

Yes, very last thing before starting training. I was in vetting around 8/9 weeks


Re: Uniform Order

Post by Lolat »

Hi all,
When did you get to fill in your uniform orders?
I was only asked to send my top/bottom/shoe sizes in but nothing with regards to specific items/how many I’d like to order.
I’m due to start training Monday 12 April in the midlands. Any advice greatly appreciated