PNC/DBS checks

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PNC/DBS checks

Post by CloudyM1990 »

First post and was wondering if anyone could clarify the process with regards to the PNC & DBS checks. Are they two separate checks? Or is the PNC checked as part of the enhanced DBS check. There seems to be quite varied opinion on exactly what is done and whether the prison service have full access to the PNC or not.

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Re: PNC/DBS checks

Post by londonlad81 »

I’m not actually sure what the difference is. A PNC check shows all warning, cautions and convictions. A DBS check I think at enhanced level shows the same.
The prison service asks you to declare any arrests, so I’d assume they check the PNC but I’m not 100% sure.

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Re: PNC/DBS checks

Post by fax4life »

I have a no further action for a voluntary interview does this need to be declared :/

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Re: PNC/DBS checks

Post by Field1234 »

I would say yes declare everything it’s always best to be as honest as possible. If you’ve done nothing then it will show that! But if you don’t declare everything and they find something then could fail you

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Re: PNC/DBS checks

Post by Pollypocket »

PNC is the police National computer
DBS is the Disclosure & Barring Service

Both basically the same thing, whereas a DBS certificate also lists people you are excluded from working with:
I.e children or vulnerable adults etc
PNC records everything including NFA’s & “held on file” police contact & driving offences I believe.
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