POELT Whitemoor 10/05

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Re: POELT Whitemoor 10/05

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The course email said bring passport photos but it only said passport or driving licence for our first day at the prison.
Lay19  wrote: Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:15 pm I had an email from my prison that was different from my
Phone call. The call said white shirt, black trousers and boots and a 9:00start but the email I received from the prison said this doesn’t need to be case as long as it’s smart and women no high heels with a 8:15 start

My establishment will take my ID photo so don’t need to bring passport ones but on my first day I need to bring photo ID and birth certificate for HR
They told me shoes not boots
Chickenwing  wrote: Wed Apr 14, 2021 6:50 pm Yeah I just have black trousers, black boots & a white shirt. Still a bit worried that I haven’t received a uniform order form? I filled one out at my ARC but everyone on here keeps talking about being sent one via email after their start date call 🙄

I don’t drive so I’m walking to/from the prison thankfully, but as for what I’m bringing I think it’s just ID and the 3x passport photos?
I did the one at ARC and I don't even know if I picked the right sizes, not got any other one since then.