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Post by GabbyX »

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie!

I start my 2 week induction at HMP Lincoln on 26/04. How soon after your start date phone call did you receive your contract and information regarding training etc?

Has anyone recently had theirs and did you go into the establishment beforehand for a ‘tour’ during covid?

Thanks! :slgy:


Re: Induction

Post by Triggered »

Hi start at my establishment on the 12 of April but I still haven’t received my offer email or contract I’m getting slightly concerned

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Re: Induction

Post by Bearguy »

If you have your start date, then don’t worry yourself 👍🏻


Re: Induction

Post by Lay19 »

On my phonecall they said you’ll get your contract 4 weeks before your start date so I wouldn’t worry :)

I start my induction on the 19th April, really excited now. I just hope my uniform fits ok lol


Re: Induction

Post by Shortyshan »

I’ve got my start date phone call tomorrow!

Haha yeah I’m hoping my uniform fits too 😂😅

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Re: Induction

Post by JKM »

Hey Gabby,

I start my induction at Lincoln this Monday (22nd March).

I got my contract a few days after getting the start date call. I was a bit confused because it’s not like a standard employment contract.. it’s more just a list of terms and conditions; no signatures required on paper. I emailed priority recruitment (the people who sort the last bit of onboarding) and they confirmed that this is actually the contract.

I got three documents: the contract, and two documents about the 8 week training at HMP Leeds (how to get there, what to bring, start times etc).

Hope that helps! :slbg:

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