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Re: Guidance.....

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Dartsrob2 wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 4:19 pm Cheers bearguy. So much to take in like I say with a good group and the team seem spot on.

You can try speara but it will probably be to no avail. I had a 6 week wait and had to renew my fitness. The good news is recruitment and training is still going ahead. It seems like the longest wait in the world but the day will come.
Thanks dartsrob82, I've now managed to open an account hence the name change to spearo (spearfishing related name by the way lol) I'm in the southwest and have only been 3 months since the initial application, what region are you as I know it may differ from locations, I don't mind if you don't fancy sharing that info 5though bud