Northern Ireland Prison service recruitment

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Northern Ireland Prison service recruitment

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Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:02 pm

Hi all - new member looking to join the NIPS as they are currently recruiting for night custody officers (NCO) and prison custody officers for Driver/Escort position.

I have my application in for either. Just curious if anyone else is applying? Does anyone have a rough idea of what the intake is of this recruitment drive

Just reading up on these forums etc I have never been to court. I have had points on my license but they are well over 5years old. I have no debt or credit card debt.

My biggest concerns are I had 3months off work just Christmas past due to head on vehicle collision. (Not at fault) and I have in the past been off work for stress due to Work and family issues back on 2017. I’m still employed by the company and have been here over 15 years - just curious do I input all this on the forms if I get to the next stage?

Can someone enlighten me on the stages of the NIPS recruitment.

Thanks all
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