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Re: ARC Results

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10/12/20 - application & online tests passed
09/02/21 - invite to ARC & request for documents
26/02/21 - ARC
01/03/21 - ARC success / on Merit List

Hello folks,
Another newbie here.  I thankfully stumbled across this helpful forum whilst keenly scouring for any typical timelines from application to start date..  Having trawled through the many active topics, I have gleaned from most of you, that it is indeed very much a game of patience and there are NO standard timescales involved.  I’ve called SSCL twice since being placed on the merit list; and have been given the same “standard” response from them, I guess that’s because they cannot tell when the prison you’ve applied for is likely to want new recruits/and for how many etc..   I do wonder if there is a set number of individuals that they place on the Merit list, or does that also depend on a number of factors?  I’m aware I might be waiting for up to 12 months before being offered a placement, from reading other articles on here.  So, it’s reassuring to know it is not just me sat waiting (im)patiently for updates / progress on the portal – and great to see many of the posts that show things do move along!
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