ARC and fitness

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ARC and fitness

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So I'm booked in for an ARC at the Croydon centre next week but got a phone call from recruitment this morning saying that I won't be able to complete the fitness test on the day. Obviously I won't be able to pass ARC without it, but I was wondering if anyone has had this same experience?

I did a RAD a little while ago (listened to other people about why I should take the other job I'd been offered and have subsequently regretted it so here I am), and on the day there people were told that they had failed after each stage (roleplays etc).

Does the same thing happen on the ARC days? Should I know by the end of the day if I have made the grade for all components other than the fitness test?

BTW, I've been told I should be given a date and time for my fitness within 2 weeks.