Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by Fran »

Hi. It was mentioned early on in this thread that you can stay over Sunday night if you ask nicely, who do you have to ask? I am approx 2 hrs 15 mins away and would not want to do this journey Monday morning. Thanks in advance

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by Unknown »

They should give you a email address , it's venue dependant I believe but newbold tends to be over 100 miles away and you can stay Sunday

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by Colinp118 »

Is it possibly to change training venue for POELT . I've been given standford hill, it's going to take me 5 trains and 10 hours to get there or alternatively a 4.5 hr drive?
I'll do it if that what it takes just thought it might be possible to switch?

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by NeedToKnowBasis  »

Collinp118... please don't post the same question in FOUR different areas! Post it once, preferably in a thread where it fits the topic (unlike the other place where you've posted this question) and then wait patiently for an answer. This is like the child who asks one parent and then the other until they get an answer they like.

Stop it.

All you're doing is cluttering up the forum un-necessarily and making useful info more difficult to find.

And yes, on this occasion, I am completely trying to sound like an ar** about it!

NTKB :slda:
If you post on a public forum, asking for opinions, I may give mine - I don't care if you don't like what I post... I don't care what you think about me... it simply isn't important!

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by Colinp118 »

Just to clarify, I simply didn't know where to post. There is no childish behaviour on my part just maybe inexperienced in any form of social media.

So I apologise for 'cluttering' up posts

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by T33 »

Can we get an updated list as to what expect too? Course times and length have changed now, I'm guessing everything else is the same?

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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by npatchett2000  »

baitskrew wrote: Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:08 am General Info for POELTS...

- There will be no NVQ for the foreseeable future. An equivalent is given after you complete the six week's course.
This is true you now get a QCF level 3 diploma in the management of individuals in a custodial environment
And it's now 10 weeks
- Make sure you get "Phoenix" set up on your first week, otherwise claiming expenses whilst away from home could be a difficult task
- You can only claim expenses on a weekly basis. You can't claim for future expenses like others have suggested.
Correct but now called sop

The First Week At Your Establishment

- Turn up half an hour early. white shirt & black trousers. Get hydrated. Clean shaven with ironed kit. Every single day.
- Request as much time on each of the wings as possible. You'd rather find out this isn't for you on week one than week twelve.
- Chat to the prisoners. They are humans too. You can have a decent chat and a laugh with them. It'll make going "live" a lot less daunting.
- You are Mister/Miss XYZ if asked. They don't need to know your first name. They'll call you "guv" anyway.
- Don't tell them exactly where you live. If they ask, be general. For Example, don't say "Hassocks" say Brighton.
- Never take a prisoners word as gospel. Always consult another Officer before you open that door...
- ALWAYS check doors after you lock it. If you opened that door, make sure it's you who locked afterwards.
- Make sure you get used to the keys and the locks. After a day or two they'll become second nature.
- You'll get called "fresh meat", then after a day or two prisoners will be asking you for allsorts as if you've been there for years. Laugh it off.
- Learn about the different documents officers fill in. It'll give you a massive headstart for your six weeks training.
- If you don't know the answer to a prisoner's question, tell them you'll find out for them. You shouldn't be two steps away from another officer anyway.

ten Week Course Info & Tips...

10am-5pm on Mondays, 8am-5pm Tues-Thurs, 8am-12pm on Friday. You can arrive at your establishment on Sunday Night between 8pm & 10pm if you live over 300 miles away Being late is not an option. Be early. Make sure you're in class before the trainers get there.

- Take an iron with you. They don't take too kindly to you looking like a scruff
- If you have incomplete/no uniform then you MUST wear white shirts/blouse, black trousers, black laced shoes.
- Gents, beards or clean shaven. There is no middle ground
- Bring plenty of gym gear for C&R training just incase there are no washing facilities on site. Washing your pants in the sink ain't ideal.
- Highlighter pens are you best friend. They're necessary to wade through the revision material
- I have a pad just for "To Do" lists. This will make sure you keep on top of things
- Get a good nights kip. Yawning in class results in a punishment for the whole class. Don't let your mates down.
- Help your mates. Give tips and hints if you see they are doing something wrong. Especially during C&R.
- Alcohol. Little, not often. Don't be a sheep and follow those who treat the six weeks as a beano. IT HAPPENS.
- Swearing. Keep it minimal, behind closed doors and in context. You don't know who might be walking down the corridor towards you.
- Don't over-do it at the gyms. If you damage yourself in the gym and can't complete your C&R it's game over.

Some of the above may be location dependent, but I'm guessing the curriculum/etiquette is the same at all training establishments.

Lastly, enjoy yourself. This will probably be the best six weeks in your career. Work hard, but make sure you socialise with the others as those "hotel" rooms can be lonely places. I say "mates" a lot in this thread because these people will become your friends VERY quickly. You're living and working with one another, so be respectful and always lend a helping hand/shoulder to cry on when needed.

Little Items/Tips For When You Go "Live"

- Tally Counters for when counting prisoners in cells/going to work will make your life easier.
- Pocket notepad for when you get requests from prisoners, and as a "to do" list
- Pocket diary. Useful if you or a colleague requires for a shift change
- Tactical belts(?) So much easier than dismantling your standard issue trouser belt at the end of the day.
- Inner Soles, you'll be on your feet ALOT. So they're a handy little bit of comfort
- If you smoke, get yourself an E-Cig. You'll thank me later.

That's it for now. I'll add anything else if it crops up.
The rest of this is still spot on accurate



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Re: Latest Info For POELTS - August 2015

Post by Kryptonian »

So, I know first hand how there isn't much after POELT begins. I can only suggest it's because of being knackered with the info being taken in! All that time waiting then......none stop!!! Enjoy the time off guys/gals!