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Post by longdog13 »

Just a quickie peeps, I'm starting my first training week at my given establishment on the 12th of July, what footwear do i need to take? shoes or boot? and are these supplied?

Many thanks


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Re: Footwear

Post by Mac  »

You are advised to wear plain black shoes (not slip on type) or boots. Its up to you which you wear. Personally I think boots are better, but thats just me. You will need to supply them yourself.

Hope this helps
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Re: Footwear

Post by falkor »

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ben wrote:Do the boots have to be leather because I have a pair of cats that are so comfy but they are nubuck, suede type thing is that ok :D
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Jon6456 wrote:Does anyone recommend a certain make of boots for work?
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hassall2406 wrote:Hi guys, I hope you can help me, I have recently been offered a position at littlehey starting on january the 11th so i need to purchase some suitable boots. In my current job as a motorcycle mechanic, i have used numerous pairs of 6" oakley assault boots as they are very supportive, very comfortable and make a great riding boot. My only worry is that they have quite alot of fabric on and i was wondering if this is suitable. :D
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sharpy2 wrote:I brought a pair of magnum elites 6 weeks ago and already the inside heel has worn through to the plastic and the leather is coming away from the sole, i took these back to were i brought them from on Saturday and they would not change them without phoning Magnum which there supposted to be doing today and getting back to me. Whilst in the shop the manager was trying to tell me that it looks like there a bad fit and my feet sliding about had caused the hole on the back heel, and if that is the case then they wont replace as its my fault! surely
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Emma* wrote:Women officers, Which boots/shoes do you wear?
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