POELT Joining instructions

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Re: POELT Joining instructions

Post by Carbon  »

Newbie96 wrote: Mon May 24, 2021 8:38 pm
Carbon wrote: Mon May 24, 2021 6:35 pm Update, apprenticeships are recommencing in the North and Midlands next month. South not until the autumn at present.
Hey Carbon, I'm starting the 14th in the west Midlands on the Custodial Care National Vocational Diploma programme. Is this is apprenticeship programme?
From what I heard yesterday, yes.

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Re: POELT Joining instructions

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Hiya Asator, it took me about an hour to be honest. I rang early Monday morning about half 9ish and it kept going to answer machine so I just tried ringing every 10 mins and finally someone answered. As I said I only had 2 more days to hand my notice in at work so I didn't mind pestering them hahaha! Hopefully, you have managed to speak to them by now though :slre: