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Re: Work rota

Post by Samc »

Thanks both of you for your help I’ll probably give them a call to check but other than that I think it’s all covered. Thanks again!


Re: Work rota

Post by Clc83 »

My work pattern is terrible, if I had seen the Rota pattern, don’t think I wouldn’t have joined. I’m not shy of hard work, but 8 days of 11hrs and 3 off is poor.

Also trying to book holidays is a joke, they don’t come back and tell you if they are approved or not, so you are constantly chasing.

Job isn’t what I expected, nothing like the recruitment video, you just answer cell bells all day - prisoners personal butler half the time and the staff are so 2 faced. Not what I expected at all.

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Re: Work rota

Post by Justgoforit »

That doesn’t sound too promising for us going through vetting and changing a career!
What part of the country are you?


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Re: Work rota

Post by Bearguy »

Hopefully things may improve once normality resumes in the world, and prisoners won’t be locked up 23 hours a day.

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Re: Work rota

Post by Moonagedaydream »

That’s not a promising read Clc83 :( hope things improve soon, those hours sound exhausting

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Re: Work rota

Post by MissNoName  »

That doesn't sound promising at all. At the moment I work 4 night at 12 hours each and get 4 days off after and that can be exhausting at times. 8 11hour shifts in a row? :slsh2:
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Re: Work rota

Post by Taff86  »

I'm on a 4 day week shift pattern, get more 4day weekends off, I like this pattern but I know not all establishments are the same.