Vetting- Criminal history - family member in prison

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Vetting- Criminal history - family member in prison

Post by Jham »

Hey just wondering what the rules are on being a prison officer if you have a family member in prison. I am not applying for the prison they are in and understand you aren't really supposed to know anyone in the prison you work in but was wondering if this will effect my background checks...

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Re: Vetting- Criminal history - family member in prison

Post by Es6fee  »

Hi Jham!

I've just received my formal offer and I too have a close family member who has been in prison previously. I was stressed to the max about how this was going to affect my application, but I declared it on my pre-employment stuff and all was well, no questions asked.

As others said to me when I asked - be honest and truthful and they'll hopefully see through that. After all, its you thats applying for the role, not said family member!

Be open and honest, then theres nothing else you can do.

Keeping everything crossed for you as I know how you're feeling! :slcu:

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