Motorbikes and storage

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Motorbikes and storage

Post by Jaybo »

Hey guys,
Was wondering if anyone has any insight into this for me, I don’t have a driving license, I ride a motorbike so I have to wear big gear and helmet etc.

Is there lockers/suitable places to put all my stuff in the prisons?
I’m sure there would be areas for Prison Officer’s to leave their belongings, I just worry they aren’t big enough for motorbike boots, jeans, jackets, helmets etc
Also, I’d have to take my uniform in my bag, is there places to iron uniform?

I could always get the train, but would rather save £3500 a year !
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Re: Motorbikes and storage

Post by kingofthekippax »

My establishment has secure motorcycle / cycle stoage which contains lockers. Basically a large outbuilbing on th carpark which is locked via key code.
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