Blouses vs shirts

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Blouses vs shirts

Post by NikNak »


This is my first post! :slyay:

I start my new job in a couple of weeks and have been sent my uniform order form. I’m unsure whether to order shirts or blouses. I’m a petite woman but I’m not a girly girl.

Are blouses worn open necked? Do you have to wear a tie with the shirts? Are the shirts comfortable/a good fit for women.

All advice gratefully received.

Re: Blouses vs shirts

Post by Shortyshan »

How exciting for you!!

I've just had my email to say I was successful at my virtual assessment! hopefully the wait won't be awfully long to be offered a postition!

I too am a petite female and not exactly 'girly girl' either so I will look forward to hearing your recommendation if you end up trying both maybe haha!
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Re: Blouses vs shirts

Post by Labgurl1993 »

Congratulations hun

I had my form when I booked my fitness and medical test which is tomorrow I'd contact them to make sure they not forgot to send it xx
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Re: Blouses vs shirts

Post by sosnicki »

Female members of staff normaly are issued with open-collared blouses, which are worn without tie.
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