Salary explained

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Salary explained

Post by Jackson93 »

I’ve been given a start date for Jan... so nervous!
I have just received my contract and am a little confused at the salary, it’s quite a bit less than I expected.
I also have a letter about a 3k allowance on top of my salary. I don’t know if I’m too tired to understand or being really thick.

Can anyone shed some light onto the salary system and whether you’re paid different during training etc!?

Thanks, love seeing all your stories, advice and questions!
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Re: Salary explained

Post by DrTadWinslow »

Can I ask what establishment you'll be working at? Cuz if you're working down south or in London you get paid more due to the cost of living difference compared if you were at a site up north. Or it could be your establishment is a red site, which means there's more trouble there than other sites so you get paid more due to the difficulty you encounter on site.
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Re: Salary explained

Post by Cptkimura »

From what I gather your salary whilst training is based on 37hrs a week, and doesn't include your 17% unsociable hours (although don't quote me on that). I'm sure someone with more info will answer for you shortly.
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Re: Salary explained

Post by kingofthekippax »

Salary is based on 37 hour week, without 17% unsocial hours payment. Adverts are based on 39 hours with the 17% shift pay included.
Training is paid at 37 with the shift pay included.
You can choose to do 37 39 or 41 hours after completing training.
Hope this helps
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Re: Salary explained

Post by falkor »

so Example starting salary for a 39 hour week (including 17% unsocial hours allowance)
Inner London : £31,025*
Outer London : £29,485 – £31,485*
South and South East : £26,529 – £28,529*
Other locations : £23,529

other Benefits
» 25 days of annual holiday (rising to 30 days after 10 years service)
» paid time off for public holidays and 1 extra privilege day
» Civil Service pension of up to 20% of your salary
» cycle to work scheme, travel loans and other benefits
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Re: Salary explained

Post by tshskinner123 »

would anyone be so kind to break he pay down for me please? im due to start in east midlands area.

the posted salary was just under 25,000 a year.

i presume thats before tax?

my silly self got my hopes up and thought it was after tax

would anyone know what my monthly income would be?
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Re: Salary explained

Post by Bearguy »

Come on now, put those maths skills to the test and work it out for yourself !

I’ve never seen the salary for an advertised job which wasn’t inclusive of tax deductions....good luck in the East Midlands
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