New training for POELT - apprenticeship

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New training for POELT - apprenticeship

Post by northorsouth » Tue Oct 08, 2019 5:59 pm

Hello everyone

I’ve just had the phone call offering me a position at HMP Lindeholme for early November 2019
Obviously I’m over the moon at being able to start so soon having been told it would most likely be next year I could start and getting would take so long etc

The advisor on the phone said to me there’s been a change in the way training is completed now since I applied for the role and the POELT is now 9.5 weeks long, an apprenticeship scheme and only needs 2 days at Newbold Revel after the initial 2 weeks. There will be coursework to complete during work time

It will consist of 2 weeks induction at HMP Lindeholme, 2 days at Newbold Revel then the last 7 and a bit weeks back at HMP Lindeholme

Just wondering if anyone has been heard much about this or been offered a place on the same dates?

Very excited to be starting and looking forward to learning from many experienced people that seem to be around here and the prisons

Thanks for your time in reading
Applied 09/08/19
Online tests 11/08/19
Results 12/08/19
Arc Manchester 05/09/19
Officially passed arc 06/09/19
Initial offer 17/09/19
Vetting begun 18/09/19
The call 08/10/19
Start 11/11/19