Newbie in training

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Newbie in training

Post by NTP1973 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:30 am

Good morning I am in the process of becoming a prison officer and I am currently in my POELT training.
I was just looking for some honest advice about the job although I am aware working conditions do varey greatly from prison to prison I am starting to have concerns wether this is the job for me.The first concern as all ways in life is money it's £22300 a year I believe where I'm going which is a thousand pounds a year less than I was earning in my previous job and you don't get paid for your lunch breaks I believe where as I did previously but I had it in my mind that I would make my money up by doing some PP overtime at £22 per hour by either getting my short shifts extended to main shifts or doing some bed watches.My other concern is staffing levels when I researched our 2 prisons it said we had around 200 prison officers over the 2 jails but it turns out on my wing we have at worst 4 of us at best 6 to control around 135 men. Also I am beginning to realise how vulnerable we are legally especially when it comes to the use of force and the amount of pressure there must be on each officer to look after these men and keep up with all the IT . I've basically done the same job in the construction industry for over 26 years and just fancied a complete change. I am aware of the huge amount of public money that goes on training us some 20 to 25 k I believe But like I said I'm just being honest because I am having doubts. I'm not looking for anyone to tell me what to do obviously that has to be down to me just some advice form experienced guys and girls who've been in the job a while.thanks for reading
NTP 1973