Prison officers views regarding OSG

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are OSGs worth having?

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yes they do an amazing job
yes they free up Officers from very routine tasks
yes they are and they deserve more respect
yes they are and they already get a lot of respect
yes but only because they're cheap labour, saves money
no, we would be better off without OSGs
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Re: Prison officers views regarding OSG

Post by Daniel »

I am currently an osg moving on to be an officer at another prison soon. I find as an osg walking into a job without training it is extremely tough. We may not have as much contact with prisoners but we provide Intel through censors and monitoring phone calls, intercepting packages through prop and mail, at our prison we soley control comms and do night shifts every 6 weeks. We have to deal with situations that we have had no training in with prisoners. Luckily I can manage but others really struggle. I think they all deserve a lot more respect and find that some officers look down on us. Instead of criticizing someone, help some one. I have seen some ridiculous complaints go in. Osg grade doesn't get a 10-12 training course and effectively passes the application process on competencies. I would be interested to hear back on other people's opinions on my post.

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Re: Prison officers views regarding OSG

Post by SWM5436 »

As has been said previously, this happens in all walks of life not just the prison service. I work within the NHS at the moment and you see it from the band 7s looking down on the band 5s as if they are stupid. They do the same job only one has more experience than the other and should know better.

Respect is a two way thing, and to earn it you must give it, at least that's how I work my way through life, sure some people are jobsworths and make your life difficult but at the end of the day, you dealing with that sort of person doesn't take up the whole of your day and you should deal with it and let it go.

OSGs have a different role to prison officers but without them then their life's would be more difficult, it doesn't take much to be polite to someone.
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Re: Prison officers views regarding OSG

Post by Gravey957 »

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Re: Prison officers views regarding OSG

Post by richard100121 »

nights roles have changed in my establishment. osg are now on the wings. Some officers go on the wings once they lock up. If the officers are on the wings they will find an office and then maybe give you a hour or two break. Even if they hear the Ecb keep going on they won't come out and help.