Uniform or casual, The so-called 'soft' uniform

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Re: Uniform or casual, The so-called 'soft' uniform

Post by Sharknado » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:19 am

So it’s also cost cutting in the sense that you get less kit and more badges? One more as we have 3 sets of epaulets equating to 6 badges...

Different prisons use different colours for prisoner basic clothing - I hope the soft option always stands out. Seeing black and white is easy - are officers now tested for colour blindness? I know it’s rare but an officer I knew was both red and blue colour blind... so he said... I don’t really know how it affects perception of colour nor how he perceived “blue”. Must be awkward when they have their own clothes... anyway I digress...

I guess there is no choice; it’s about personal preference. Best of luck, enjoy, wear with pride 😊

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Re: Uniform or casual, The so-called 'soft' uniform

Post by deepheat » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:42 pm

White shirt nicely ironed with a nice black tie all the way for me when I look in the mirror in a morning before I leave it fills with pride a polo shirt would not have the same effect

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Re: Uniform or casual, The so-called 'soft' uniform

Post by jana10 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:38 am

My psychology degree covered an interesting experiment where members of the public were asked to do things such as file worthless papers by two scientists - with no order to stop. They were measured by how long they would do the meaningless task. One scientist wore a lab coat and the other wore shorts and t-shirt. The members of public that were instructed by the lab coat wearer spent longer doing the task before refusing to carry on. Where as the members of public who were instructed by the scientist in shorts and t-shirt refused fairly quickly which is evidence that uniform goes a long way.
But - members of the public generally respect authority - wearing uniform could have opposite affect from cons who have probs been let down by the establishment throughout their lives and would rebel more against a shirt and tie.
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