Sick notes? Any advice?

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Sick notes? Any advice?

Post by hev87 »


I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light please. I was off work sick with the flu a few weeks ago for 10 days. However 4 days of those were my rest days (long weekend) so technically only 6 working days. Shared services are saying they need a sick note or they will stop my pay for 3 days.
The problem is I tried to call the doctors to get an appointment but couldn't get one. I Called the doctors today and they have said they can't backdate the sick note as they didn't see me and can't say that I was ill.

Is this right, can they really class you as sick on your rest days. Can I fight this or am I just going to have to take the hit and have a few hundred taken off me?

Any ideas? Maybe POA?


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Re: Sick notes? Any advice?

Post by Wyer »

Ok you can sign yourself off for a period of 7 days (1 week) but that's from the 1st day you are sick and the following days.
It makes no difference that some of those days are rest days, you were still sick I take it on the rest days....

I know from my own past experience that my doc has always back dated a sick note.
If I were you, I would make an appointment with your doc and explain to him / her :

1) Why you need the note
2) Where you work
3) That you were refused an appointment when you needed it

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Re: Sick notes? Any advice?

Post by NeedToKnowBasis  »

If those rest days were in the middle and/or you didn't report fit for duty for those rest days, then those will count as sick as far as I'm aware.

And you're really saying your Doctors doesn't have emergency appointments available? If so, change your Doctors!

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