New Uniform Issue

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Re: New Uniform Issue

Post by old sweat » Sat May 10, 2008 9:37 am

When I joined the job I found it strange to wear a cap 'inside', because when i was in the army it was policy in my regiment to take them off when working inside. Yes they do give an 'air' of authority and look very smart when worn with the no1 uniform( which should still be standard issue to all staff!)
I am glad we do not have to wear caps on duty now, thay got in the way, many staff customised them making them look stupid.As to baseball caps & wooly hats, I was told that they were issued on health and safety grounds as many staff got sunburnt/ cold heads whilst on exersise/patroling the prison gounds.
As to rest of the new uniform, as long as it is well made, professional looking, practical to wear, smart and fit for purpose. ( one can also look smart without a tie and white shirt aslong as the correct alternative is worn!) then I will be happy to wear it.

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