2017 SSL audit

C U R R E N T ( last 12 months)
YEAR page identifier/ link contents, headline articles etc
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about9.html 2016 Articles Page
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about8.html 2016 News Page
2017 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/index.php Forum Index page for all members
A N Y https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/sitemap.html sitemap shows many areas of the site
A N Y https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about2.html friends page shows other recommended websites of interest

Secure SSL site AUDIT:

during March 2017, an audit of the site's pages is being made

These tables show the progress so far

The idea is that, even though an SSL certificate is in place, a physical check still has to be made on each page of the site to actually SEE whether that page IS secure (any problems will be reported by the browser and must be corrected)

Due to the steps taken during the preparation stage, errors found so far have been minimal

A R C H I V E S (years ago)
YEAR page identifier/ link contents
2007 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about.html offenders released from prison too early
2007 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about1.html Stoke striker Vincent Pericard has lifted the lid on his prison hell
2007 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about3.html old news page 1
2007 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about4.html old Prisoner Links page
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about5.html old old Recruitment Page, ancient !
2007 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about6.html old old Registration Page, ancient !
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about10.html BOOK: Gopper's SCREW < Recommended
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about14.html old news page 2
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about15.html old interviews, SAMANTHA, Sean, Doublecuff, Self Tapper, Chan76 etc
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about16.html old news page 3
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about17.html old articles page 1
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about18.html old news Page 4 !
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about19.html old old news Page 5 !
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about21.html SITE ORIGINS : how the site started
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about22.html offenders in the U S A : Sheriffs page
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about23.html old articles page 2
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about24.html old news page 6 inc 'Ashwell Prison riot'
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about25.html old articles page 3
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about26.html old news page 7
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about27.html old articles Page 4
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about28.html old articles Page 5
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about29.html old ARCHIVES INDEX page
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about30.html old articles Page 6
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about31.html old news page 8 inc Wormwood Scrubs documentary
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about33.html old articles page 7 inc Doncaster rioting
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about34.html old articles page 8 inc Rochester rioting
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about36.html old old huge chat page, forum members chatting over all the issues
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about37.html more chat chat chatting from forum members back across the years

Secure SSL site AUDIT:
All pages listed in this audit have been checked and found SECURE

At the end of January 2017, as pointed out by PC WORLD magazine popular browsers that we all use began a "war on insecure webpages" by highlighting any pages not using HTTPS. This is the reason that this site (and many others) have embarked on gaining SSL Certificates.

A R C H I V E S (years ago)
YEAR page identifier/ link description /contents
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about38.html old 2015 Bankers Page
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about39.html old news page 9 inc public sector cuts getting worse!
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about40.html old prison officer chat room page 1
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about41.html old prison officer chat room page 2
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about42.html old old Articles Page, ancient !
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about43.html old prison officer chat room page 3
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about44.html old prison officer chat room page 4
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about45.html old old Articles Page, ancient !
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about46.html old news page 10 inc Soft sentencing blamed for riot rampage
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about47.html old news page 11 inc first prison in the public sector to be privatised
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about49.html top 300 members in 2011
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about50.html old prison officer chat room page 5
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about51.html top 100 members in 2008 !
2011 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about52.html old news page 12 inc Prison officers told they can use force to get man to court
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about54.html old news page 13 inc :Child offenders 'dumped in prison'

Secure SSL site AUDIT:
In March 2017 an audit of the site's pages began to physically check that each page was Secure.

This log shows which pages were checked and what the pages contain. Use it like a contents page!

A new thread was started just before the audit and https scheme began ADD A REPLY!

A R C H I V E S (years ago)
YEAR page identifier/ link description /contents
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about56.html old news page 14 inc :A prison run by the private security firm G4S has improved
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about57.html Hacked police blogger Richard Horton wins Times damages!
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about58.html old news page 15 inc :Redditch prison officers jailed for misconduct
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about59.html History of British Prisons (needs your help!)
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about60.html old old Articles Page, ancient ! inc £800m 'wasted' on tagging criminals
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about61.html old news page 16 inc : Northern Ireland prison officer shot dead in motorway ambush
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about64.html our old Prison Officers Association page
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about65.html old old Articles Page, ancient ! inc prison officer Daniel McKenzie jailed for smuggling drugs to inmates at HMP Elmley
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about68.html Bankers Appreciation Society! Love thy bankers
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about69.html old site "About" page showing site moderators in 2012
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about70.html old news page 17 inc :'Prisons Are Run Better By Private Firms'
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about71.html old news page 18 inc : The Norwegian prison where inmates are treated like people
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about72.html old news page 19 inc :Minor crimes ‘wiped’ off record for job applicants
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about73.html old news page 20 inc Supreme court upholds payouts to prisoners over delayed parole hearings
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about74.html old news page 21 inc :Released prisoners to be banned from moving around country

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A R C H I V E S (years ago)
YEAR page identifier/ link description /contents
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about75.html old news page 20 inc Wakefield prison officers’ tribute to Manchester PC Nicola Hughes
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about76.html old news page 21 inc prison warder was held hostage by three Muslim inmates
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about77.html old news page 22 inc :Female prison officer jailed over affair with inmate
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about78.html old news page 23 inc Doors close at Dorchester prison for final time
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about79.html old old Articles Page inc former prison officer is 10th X Factor winner
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about80.html congratulate a banker on a job well done! aren't they marvellous??
2014 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about81.html old news page 24 inc Demand for answers over ‘riot’ at Oakwood Prison
2014 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about82.html old old Articles Page, ancient ! inc Riot squads quell inmate rampage at Peterhead jail
2014 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about83.html old old Articles Page, ancient ! inc Attacks on prison officers at Featherstone ‘go unpunished’
2014 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about84.html old news page 25 inc The ban on books for prisoners is over
2014 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about85.html old news page 26 inc :Ex-High Down officer writes book about life behind the prison gate
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about86.html top 50 site members of 2014 page
2014 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about87.html a page dedicated to our fine British bankers, be very proud of them
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about88.html old chat record, NeedToKnowBasis,MickGecko, Cumbrialass and many others

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A R C H I V E S (years ago)
YEAR page identifier/ link description /contents
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about89.html old news page 27 inc Prisons run 'on a wing and a prayer'
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about90.html old news page 28 inc Islamic radicalisation in England's prisons!
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about91.html old news page 29 inc Michael Gove has a vision for reforming prisons – and justice
2015 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about92.html old news page 30 inc Pentonville prison violence almost doubles over 17 months
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about93.html old old Articles Page, inc Cameron prison reform speech in full
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about94.html old news page 31 inc : the USA Three Strikes Laws revisited
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about95.html old news page 32 inc : Prison violence is the worst I have seen in my 30-year career
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/about96.html Articles Page, inc Inside Wandsworth prison: drug drones and demoralised staff
2008 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/faq.html 2008 popular questions, answered by the cream of the 2008 membership
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/powers.html old site "Powers" page showing old information
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/reEst.html very old RE-ESTABLISH YOUR IDENTITY page
2013 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/sitemap.html old sitemap page
2010 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/ ... 010t1.html old 2010 templates page for ancient old forums fans only
2016 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/summerof16.html chat chat page, Thepower, K4ff3r1n3. Kaikia, Lancs, LucyWoo and all your favourites chatting
2009 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/welcome1.html old role profile page, contains old information
2007 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/welcome2.html old "Prison Officer of the day" page
2012 https://prisonofficers.org.uk/Archives/welcome4.html our old Prison Officers Association page