Join our forums 

This page is about joining our forums, if you were actually looking for "JOINING HMP" then please click here

Joining our forums provides you with the means to ask questions, put your side of the coin, comment and join the debate.

You can take part in current discussions or begin your own discussion - but we have more than just general forums to offer.

An example is our DIARY SECTION where T.Os are welcome to get a diary type blog moving, others could then join your blog by asking you questions.

Another example we also have a "Members Only Gallery" where members are encouraged to upload images, not only work type photos such as TOVs or T.O hats, but also your off duty stuff such your pet rabbit, your shed project or any gardening photos, anything like that.

So joining the forums is a whole lot more than just chit chat, if you want to become more involved.


In most cases Your Registration should go without a hitch, but in any cases of difficulty, we have listed below the most common queries that we have heard from members over the years.

I want to be a member of the forums!Good idea, click on REGISTER at the top of the forums pages
You will be asked for your email address and you will be set a SECURITY QUESTION
I don't know the answer to the security questionSpend a few minutes thoroughly looking at the index page of the site, the answer is there
Move to the index page right now
I am still waiting to join, I registered!Well done, now find the "welcome email" that we sent you
You need to click on an "activation link" in that email
I can't find the "welcome email"Did you give your correct email address?
If you didn't then the email would have gone to the mistake email address you gave us
I can't find the "welcome email"If you gave a true email address then look carefully (email will arrive within 24hrs)
check your deleted and junk folders in your email programme
I can't find the "welcome email"Our email to you could have found it's way into your "hidden folders"
it may be treated as "junk" or an "auto-delete" message
I can't find the "welcome email"If you still cannot find the welcome email don't give up!
Find the site "Contact Page" and drop us a line
I joined, but now I can't log inWas your account activated?
If you posted on the forums, it was
I joined, but now I can't log inIf your account was activated and you forgot your password then use the reminder system
Just click here to go to the reminder system
I contacted the site but no replyPlease send your message to all contacts on the site
One of the contacts will reply to you but not all
My account was deleted!Was your account activated?
If you posted on the forums, it was
My account was deleted!We delete accounts that have very low levels of participation
If you don't join in with discussions, your account will be deleted eventually
My account was deleted!We delete accounts with inappropriate usernames
insulting or crude looking usernames are inappropriate for this site
My account was deleted!You may start a new account if you wish
but please join in with our discussions this time/ join with an appropriate username
I am worried I could be identifiedDo not give out your exact location or your exact place of work
choose carefully a username that does not identify you
Is the site secure from prying eyes?The vast majority of our discussions are in public forums
but we do have several "members only" areas too