Who are we Friends With?

 John Child
WELCOME TO OUR FRIENDS PAGE: this shows people and websites who we regard as our "friends" on the great global internet across the world. Here is our first friend, greatly valued by the members!

Introducing John Child who has been a great friend to this site for the best part of ten years!

He has been penning calendars and stickers and banners for us year after year

He has his own website that shows off a lot of his work - for example his illustration gallery includes a brilliant A3 pencil drawing depicting a scene from the renaissance period.

You can contact John Child if you wish, his email address is shown underneath the window for his Cartoon Gallery on his home page!

John originally replied to an "advert" that I put up on the "2003 Horse Rangers Site" asking for a cartoonist to do some cartoon strips, this is how we ended up together - him putting together a great amount of cartoon strips which later developed into stickers, posters and calendars.

John's work has given us a tool to allow members of the site to publicise the site. Members can print out a calendar or poster and put it up at work, this is the simplest way of recruiting new members to our forums, pass the word to the people who we want to join!

So don't let it go to waste

Please print out the calendar, there are a multitude of possible office walls it could be pinned up on

In September 2014 John finished a children's book that he was putting together called "Mummy's Monsters" so he has plenty of projects to keep him busy! Good luck on the book John!

 PCSOS National

National PCSOs began life back in 2004 when PCSOs had already been out and about for 2 solid years

Google was searched several times and although there were more POLICE forums than you could shake a stick at, Google revealed not one PCSO forum

and so "National-PCSOs" was launched in 2004, competition zero. The site certainly saw a huge amount of interest and participation in the following few years

The same forums are still open for business now !

Lieutenant fatman, ruben and falkor continue to preside over a much lower level of activity it must be said, but chance for PCSO chat is still up for grabs! If you have anything at all to say on PCSOs across the UK do please join us on the forums, you would be more than welcome.

PCSOS FORUM is still open for business and hosts a great selection of news articles which could be of interest to Police Community Support Officers.

Just click on 'Articles' or 'News' to see a page full of high quality and recent items from national newspapers.

 Police Specials

There are a heck of a lot of Specials on this site

Plenty of chat too

A lot of these members have actually amassed a great deal of expertise and knowledge on Police Law and procedures

So if you head onto there thinking you're going to teach them something

You could be in for a surprise

Great forums, great members, great topics, have a look!


"UFO FORUMS" kicked off in 2009 after several members of National-PCSOs were chatting in "off topic" about UFO sightings

The potential for another forums - just on UFOs - seemed to be justified

And for several amazing years the discussions seen on "UFO FORUMS" were glorious!

Four pages of UFO SIGHTINGS

Thirty jokes

Thirty two introductions from the members

And 352 OFF TOPIC threads to boot!

Things on UFO Forums have dropped off a tad lately so the site has moved onto the PCSOS-NATIONAL server along with several other websites, we're in good company!

UFO FORUMS is still going!

We have the latest version of phpBB forums and we are still taking new members!

If you have any interest at all in UFOs, why not browse the forums and JOIN US

 Old version of "Friends Page"

See the old old version of this page?

it's way out of date but if you're sentimental ....


This site began life back in 2008, when a small group of us from National Traffic, who had in a previous life issued FPNs for parking infringements, went on to form a new site for Traffic Wardens and in the new jargon "Civil Enforcement Officers"

Although CEOs were brought in under the The Traffic Management Act 2004 most Parking Attendants actually became Civil Enforcement Officers on 1 Apr 2008

since then we have seen 50 members join and 400 topics go on!

The site continues along that road today - so why not check in and see what we're talking about lately? Join us if you have any point of view on UK Parking Enforcement

The site also includes various "PRIVATE" members only areas where people can chat in a 'club' atmosphere.

CEOs patrol the streets and the car parks 7 days a week, normally from 7am to 9pm. They are not supposed to work to targets or quotas. In order to achieve compliance with parking regulations, they are instructed to issue a penalty charge notice (PCN) whenever a vehicle is found to be in contravention of a parking restriction. They normally give an observation period to check whether loading is taking place or if the driver is in the vicinity at a pay and display machine, purchasing a ticket. Note however that certain contraventions, such as waiting on zig zag lines or in bus stop clearways require no observation period and the penalty is instant. If the driver has not returned following the observation period, the vehicle is checked for valid permits, tickets or notes and if necessary, a PCN is issued.

Once the PCN has been issued, photographs are taken as evidence of the vehicle in contravention and notes are made in the CEO's pocket book or hand held computer. Photographs are helpful in cases of a challenge but are not compulsory. In bad weather or if it is dark they are unlikely to be useful so the evidence mainly relied upon are the notes made at the time. No photographs are allowed to be taken if there are occupants in or around the vehicle.

       Windsor Safari Park

LEGOLAND replaced Windsor Safari Park back in 1992 so there is no Safari Park there now!

or is there?

Ten years after Windsor Safari Park closed, falkor went to Legoland and met up with ex-Windsor Safari Park employee John Jeffries

what they found was rather surprising and amazing, Legoland had actually only used half of the ground previously occupied by the Safari Park and the two retrobates were lucky enough to tread the great old Tiger enclosures that once were, now abandoned to the elements, read more

it is "sentimental" and "melancholy" themes like this that are of interest to the old Berkshire ZOO deluxe, kicked off by none other than Ronnie and Billy Smart of 'Billy Smart's Circus' fame in 1969.

There must be very few people now who are likely to have an interest in this, but if you are one them, please do JOIN US!!


Do you have any images 900 wide or more?

PBASE is very good at taking large images and then displaying them - with a range of different sizes available

For instance, with a 900 wide image you get 'small' 'medium' 'large' and 'original' size options to choose from

PBASE has been a true friend of this site for many years and faithfully holds our images for the interest of our members

Please email in any images you think might be suitable to be added with "Captions" and "Descriptions" to go with them

Write 'PBASE GALLERY' in the title of the email please

After they are uploaded to PBASE, a new thread can be started linking to the page where your images are displayed

If you wish to start the thread yourself, that is fine, but remember to make that clear, you will then be PM'd the link that you can use in your thread

PBASE is a worldwide images centre and has a superb SEARCH system that can quickly "find" images of interest to you

PBASE also has it's own forum to help any kind of query about photos, galleries, cameras etc

The current situation with our PBASE Gallery is that very many of the images are dated back in the Early Years of the forums.

There is definitely a plethora of photos tilted at the "ORIGINS" end of the website, why not help the "Gallery" by submitting some new images

There is no hard and fast rule that images must be "WORK" orientated although that is the obvious and average posting

Maybe you have photos of the way you built a marvellous pond in your back garden complete with illuminated duck house!

A whole series of stage by stage "HERE'S HOW I DID IT" would be of definite interest to our members for sure

Why not dig those photos out today? Email them over! Get a new thread going

Or just take a look at our PBASE Gallery and enjoy the images we already have

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 National Traffic

National Traffic began life back in 2006 when a certain Highways Agency Traffic Officer username of 'The Wanderer' came onto the PCSO forums to chat about motorways

Pretty soon 'The Wanderer' and 'falkor' had got together and launched National Traffic for all the HATOs across the UK

The site certainly saw a huge amount of interest and participation in the following few years

National Traffic is still open for business but is operating now on the 'PCSOS-NATIONAL' server.

Guinness Man and falkor continue to preside over a much lower level of activity it must be said, but chance for motorway chat is still up for grabs! If you have anything at all to say on motorways across the UK do please join us on the NT forums, you would be more than welcome.

National Traffic is still open for business and hosts a great selection of news articles which could be of interest to Highways Agency Traffic Officers.

Just click on "Articles" or "News" to see a page full of high quality and recent items from national newspapers.


Check out numerous postings on Facebook that could be of interest to Prison Staff across the UK

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER OF FACEBOOK to view this Facebook page

If you have an item that you would like placed onto that page please do email in with your post/ image - remember to include in your email subject title "FACEBOOK PAGE"

If you've got a minute, why not scroll down the list of posts on the page?

There's quite a sizeable quantity of items there, have a look!

We all know that a huge amount of our members/ posters/ contributors/ viewers have left our forums to go onto Facebook and other major social media, that seems to be in the process of leaving our beloved message boards behind

if that is the case, perhaps we should participate in one or more of the "competition" what do you think?

so that's the end of the Friends Page, do you like it? Do you think that some other people or websites should have a place on here? If so do please ADD A POST TO THE THREAD

We have a topic on the forums about the new FRIENDS PAGE, please add your suggestions and views on the thread!

  Who are we Friends With?